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Posted on 2009.08.12 at 23:00
parfois, il vous suffit de sauter et de construire vos ailes sur le chemin vers le bas.

Posted on 2009.08.09 at 18:54
oh my. ltns my friend..

Funny how LJ comes to me in waves..
I find I have been lost amongst the
tidalwave of Twitter and dipping my
toes into FaceBook.. Regardless though...

I always remember you're here.

Something new...

Posted on 2009.05.02 at 10:08
I turned off my twitter posting. Though I'm sure the few of you that read this won't be surprised as we follow each other already.


I'm feeling rather discouraged. I don't visit Flickr anymore because it only makes me sad and freaked out that I will never have a breakthrough, and never having any confidence in my work only makes me miserable. And I think the only person to blame is myself for not really buckling down and getting back to the basics of what makes me happy. Getting a second job SPECIFICALLY so I can buy new camera gear was a wise decision. I anticipate my first check from them... No clue what I'm getting with it. Probably some lights. Reading Strobist and wanting to get involved with that, without gear really upsets me and makes me antsy. Spring is here in Oregon finally and I feel really claustrophobic. My hours that I work are so erratic that actually FINDING the time to shoot is near impossible. My only free day is Sundays now. At least for the time being until we pick up at my primary job.

I have a project lined up for tomorrow morning at the Hawthorne Theater to shoot Twenty shades of Red. Nicole goes to the Portland Art Institute and is renting a light kit and a lens for me. I'm nervous. Super...Nervous. I may cry if this turns out horribly. I feel completely unorganized, and my confidence level is low. Why did I pick an expensive hobby again?

There are a few things I will start though.

-Project 365, we all do them.. And I think there's a time in every photographer's life where they decide to do a project like that.

-I want to take a trip down PCH. Doesn't matter who I'm with let alone if anyone goes with me. I just want to wake at 5AM and drive. Turn around when I get to L.A. and come back.

-I will do a shoot at the WW2 memorial (stone henge) out there in Biggs. I want to do a serious shoot out there during the sunset...

There's more I'm sure.. But most are lofty ideas at best.

Posted on 2009.05.01 at 23:05
And in another turn of events...

  • 07:51 #FF #zombietalk @ZombieMall @ZombieRiot @zombologist @ZombieTweets @Zombie_Frenzy @LostZombies @destroyinc ...Remember, aim for the head.
  • 07:56 #FF my main bitches @msppantz @xdivinityx @BooBooluvz2h8 @bella_devil @dopegirl_PHresh @kizat @itsajenism @weetot @springcricket @laraduck
  • 08:00 #FF my main dudes @DomCorleone @HoopinisPassion @zeenius @SM0KEAL0T@noverby @themethodist @Infamous_Prick @arthabaska @pdxsucks
  • 09:03 Thanks for all the FF love, you are all....*adjective*.
  • 09:04 So now that the Blazer's season is done...at least for 30 more weeks...Who do I cheer for? ;[
  • 09:46 twitpic.com/4cbz7 @lfthook2 the diva glasses!
  • 10:10 Dear bikini I saw at Target last night... I hope you're ready. Because I'm not. But soon. Ohhhhhh soooooon......
  • 11:58 Because it's May..Day... Here's Mayday Parade.. :D tinyurl.com/92j6pb
  • 13:22 RT @TheFatJew twitpic.com/4cr9i - i've said it before, i'll say it again..this is the best photo in the history of the fucking earth.
  • 13:23 My boss obsessively washes his hands when he gets frustrated.
  • 13:42 I wanna get beers after work...anyone down? I'm off from the magazine at 8.
  • 13:55 For those who want to know..I'm getting to the bottom of that horse picture...No really...I'm intrigued..
  • 14:07 twitter.com/amberamputee Fuck the non believers. Ask her yourself about her horse picture.
  • 14:14 Downloading Uber Twitter.... Hmm...
  • 14:26 I like this wayyyy better than twitterberry...except creepers can find me now. *shifty eyes*
  • 15:03 One hour... Then its 4:20 and then BEER:30
  • 15:15 Test?
  • 15:37 RT @kizat Trending Topics... my new favorite: hamthrax lol
  • 15:44 Twitter is the melting pot of all my friendships...
  • 16:31 Woman in my prk.lot with the "women for mccain" sticker, looked at me with contempt like I voted for a black president or something.
  • 16:40 im fine with this thing stating where im at...its off by 2 miles ;)
  • 16:51 btw...thought about it....Aaannnnnd go Lakers. make sure you favorite this tweet for posterity.i will deny it in 30 weeks. #playoffs
  • 20:07 Gettin' my wing on at fire on the mountain, be jealous. myloc.me/pEe
  • 20:36 Nm...fire on the mountain is hella packed. I'm now downtown drinking a tasty newcastle brown, waiting on a huge salad ;D
  • 20:45 Bitches at the table to the right of me are talking shit about the bitches at the table to the left of me. The fuck?Just lemme enjoy my beer

Posted on 2009.04.30 at 23:06
And in another turn of events...

  • 23:18 I just created my Tweet Bio. Check it out and create your own. tweetbios.com/BeautyandBrkdwn
  • 23:41 My fav photo I took thus far this week... tinyurl.com/cb5rks
  • 07:28 Good morning fuckers.
  • 07:38 I don't have many lady followers in Portland.. But check this out... if you know any chicks looking to model tinyurl.com/dzeq8o
  • 11:18 I don't get it...how does one not only eat panda express. But every fucking day? REALLY?!
  • 11:38 I just ate bacon on my sammich....and it was DELICIOUS. #fuckyourflunonsense #bacon
  • 12:13 I have new followers, quit being creeps and say Hi already... :] <3
  • 12:16 Oh.. And if you've got a Lost Zombie account... add my ass. www.lostzombies.com/profile/BrendaBreakdown #zombietalk
  • 12:26 RT @ landotterman I prefer swine flu to turkey flu. but I'll take the Ribeye flu if you've got it.
  • 12:32 WHAT?! I refuse to give in to all this fucking epidemic bullshit. Don't worry...you get an e-vite to my funeral if I was wrong. Pshhh...
  • 12:35 Apparently joking about the flu will help you lose followers with no sense of humor. #getfucked
  • 13:24 RT @SM0KEAL0T Happy 4:20 East Coast... I love when it's 4:20ET... Means that I have 3 hours left at work. Win, win situation :] <3
  • 14:56 What a great week for vegans and vegetarians alike to feel rather smug. I'm not, obviously. Just sayin'...
  • 15:15 i hate. hate......old people. i'm sorry if you're old an take offense to that. It happens.
  • 15:47 The spread that was on my sammich at lunch is now ruining my life. Dairy based bullshit. #lactoseintolerance
  • 17:32 RT @springcricket ATTENTION TWITTER MARKETERS: (unless ur selling bongs or adult toys) IM NOT BUYING ANY OF UR SHIT
  • 17:35 *promtly facilitates the new search bar for "bong" and "adult toys"* ;D
  • 18:17 RT the woman that will always "get" me.. i love my sissy. @fallenlilstar this comic is for you. xkcd.com/575/
  • 18:24 RT @bustabucket About to throw up! #uprise indeed. Lets do this Blazers!
  • 19:48 These girls think "mersa" is when they cut you up for an infection. Yeah. Really. #vapid

Posted on 2009.04.29 at 23:06
And in another turn of events...

  • 08:03 Passed out at 8 last night. And apparently the Blazers won. what an awesome win win situation.
  • 08:51 I think my IT guy bathes in his cigarettes. Please please please if you smoke? Wash your clothes. People like me WILL mock you.
  • 10:50 I think the media has two hats it pulls stories from every year to exploit... 1.animal 2.disease = profit.
  • 11:01 Girl and the Sea - The Presets I can't stop listening...
  • 12:10 I CAN'T get warm to save my life today. Maybe I died last night...
  • 12:32 Realized that people who work as food mascots or decide to go into porn have the same last resort mentality... Like they have THAT moment.
  • 12:49 Note to self. If thinking about going Bi do NOT under any circumstances get with @PrincessPayne...That beezy be ROUGH.
  • 13:02 Hearts on Fire by Cut Copy....Shake your asses to that. :D
  • 13:42 I'm losing followers today... I must have lost my touch or stopped caring.
  • 14:28 sketchy ass mofos in my office.
  • 15:03 so...my dayjob shares a wall with a music school...and today is cowbell day..I wish I were joking.
  • 16:09 I have no respect for men who drive Miatas. Quit being a pussy and drive a real car.

Posted on 2009.04.28 at 23:07
And in another turn of events...

  • 12:44 got my glasses back.correct perscription. i look like a badass. :D
  • 17:32 RT @weetot eeep! tinyurl.com/d8km6m caption should be "tickle tickle tickle.." Ahhhhh cute. #uprise
  • 17:55 Just took a Flexeril... Like an hour ago. You're all beautiful. :]
  • 18:00 Swine flu. EVERYBODY PANIC. And leave me your pork chops. #mediaEXPLOSION
  • 18:18 For all inquiring minds, I have never seen Star Wars.....Any of them. I was semi disowned the other night for this fact.
  • 18:39 Fuck my life for smoking a bowl AFTER taking that fucking pill...It may be an early night my #Tweetard #fml
  • 19:22 RT @stephentheh: alright, it's blazers game time. game 5, do or die. this is it. don't get scared now. #uprise
  • 19:24 NEVER underestimate the 6th man. #uprise

Posted on 2009.04.27 at 23:07
And in another turn of events...

  • 12:23 Just got metal fingers from a boy who has similer stickers as me on his truck :D
  • 22:39 I'm alive...Really. Long day...

Posted on 2009.04.26 at 23:07
And in another turn of events...

  • 03:08 why are you all still up?....wait...why am I still up?!
  • 10:45 Fuckin' right @mspantz is BACK! My beeezy! Hung out with @bella_devil last night and played wth MAC pretties<3 And ate candy with @weetot!
  • 12:24 Mmmm Sunday....
  • 12:34 copycats.tumblr.com Do it.
  • 16:17 twitpic.com/42jsl Happy toes hahaha I'm 'tarded.
  • 19:56 I <3 Bellagio's Pizza.
  • 20:02 6 point lead c'mon blazers. #uprise
  • 20:07 Kinda stoked to watch this game of twitter T&D go down...
  • 20:27 Uh yeah.....Can we get some rebounds please?!

Posted on 2009.04.25 at 23:05
And in another turn of events...

  • 07:00 fuck my life i am so exhausted. what a long week... 10 more hours until nap time. #fml
  • 07:27 Dear Fate, if you have any compassion for me you will make it totally acceptable for me to go home early today. Or catch this place on fire.
  • 08:07 This tweet is my 2,009th tweet and I dedicate it to this year. I hope you rock my fucking face, I deserve it.
  • 08:09 This is what I'm listening to. You guys will hate it. Probably. www.playlist.com/playlist/15835750411/standalone
  • 09:16 www.textsfromlastnight.com/ #bestwebsiteEVER
  • 10:10 This coffee is horrific... Someone bring me some Stumptown with the quickness. :[
  • 11:02 i fucking hate the shins. yeah, i said it.
  • 11:32 "Tthhee Ppaarrttyy" by Justice makes me think that it's a perfect Saturday song... (that IS spelled correctly)
  • 12:07 It's fucking raining. Should I be shocked? No. Ok.
  • 12:26 twitpic.com/3zel8 This trumps any and ALL energy drinks. Its all natural and not carbonated. #pdx thanks @drinkviso !!
  • 13:02 Dear universe...Thank you for being so small. Love, Brenda
  • 13:29 RT @tarakrugel Bea Authur, 86, passed away at home due to complications with cancer. My heart is broken.... Sleep sweetly Dorothy. :[
  • 13:47 This is my 2100th post. Which means I have posted 100 times today. #fml I need a hobby other than being a badass....j/k..kinda...
  • 15:40 Sup ladies? All these mens and their football talk...
  • 16:48 RT @JackFacts24 Jack Bauer once visited the Virgin Islands. They are now The Islands. #24
  • 17:04 i have the worst fucking headache from not having my glasses or sleeping well this week..
  • 18:02 twitpic.com/40be0 I'm one of those weirdos who likes the smell of rain when it hits the pavement. #nwlove

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